Anne Hawkes, RN

PRA Health Science

Oxygen Marketing has been my lifesaver. I started to work with them about two years, but they have had our account for 10 years. I was moved into the position of marketing and recruitment, and I didn’t know much about traditional media or digital media. Every week, the Oxygen staff takes the time to explain why they recommended what we should do for each study. We have a tracking system that we have followed for years, and I can tell you how much it cost to recruit each patient for each study (we usually have around 35 studies at any given time).  Oxygen has been fantastic on all levels. The agency has even helped me with my outreach, and finding the right special events to attend.  I would recommend Oxygen to any clinical research organization in any market. Simply put, Oxygen knows recruitment.

Cindy Scott

Peach Building Products

Tracey and the Oxygen Marketing crew has been a huge asset to me and my company. I have been working with them for many years. In that time, we were forced to relocate our company after being at the same location for over 30 years and it really was a big concern for us. We increased our sales, and we didn’t skip a beat. We discuss options and make changes to our marketing plan according to our sales and we have been able to not only keep our share of the market but grow in leaps and bounds. I know that their recommendations have our success and growth as their top priority.  Communication is also a top priority and a key to their customer service. We use them for all our marketing needs from digital, social and traditional. I look to them for recommendations and have learned to trust them on what they tell me makes sense. They are thorough with their research, and I feel like they spend my money like it was their own. They have become a key component in the growth of our advertising each year.  

Alice Jackson

Lifetree Clinical Research

Oxygen Marketing knows how to recruit, period. Some of the studies we have had to recruit for would make you question why we agreed to recruit; we have represented some of the hardest and interesting protocols you would see. They are a creative and fun group to work with but most important, they understand Clinical Trials from start to finish.  Once we have been awarded the study, we turn over the protocol to them and they develop the ads that make sense for each study within 48 hours. They write, they produce, they place and then they track each study. It allows me to do my other job duties without having to worry about recruiting for each patient. I highly recommend them.

Matt Dearing

Vice President of Marketing, My Hearing Centers & Sound Sleep Medical

I have been working with Tracey and the Oxygen team coming up to 5 years now and have been very happy with them. When I first was introduced to them, I was a bit skeptical. I had had previous dealings with other advertising agencies and really had a bad taste in my mouth using another one. We started off using Oxygen with their expertise in Radio placement only in the Utah Markets. Within months, it grew to using them for placement for Radio in all our 13 markets. Then we started to use them for television buying, newspaper purchasing and now they have become our partners in pretty much everything we do marketing wise. We look at them as an extension to our company and they are a key component in helping to make our company grow and excel. Four years ago, we started a new company, and it went without saying that we looked to Oxygen to be our team partners again for this company.

Michael Clark M.Ed.

Executive Director Summit Academy

I have just recently started to work with Oxygen for my marketing. I have been impressed with material and the growth of another Charter School, so I reached out to them to see what their secret is. They told me that they owe a lot of the success to using Oxygen. I reached out to them and found out that Public Relations was at the top of their list. I have learned that our website growth is a big part of what they do. We meet with the Oxygen team often to discuss deliverables and so far, we have been very impressed with what they have done. From the very get go, they did a website analysis for us, looked at key words that we should be focusing on and went to work to improve how people perceive our school. They have written many press releases, announcements, blogs and I have to say that I am very happy on how things are taking shape for us. They have been able to secure television interviews to get our message out so it can increase our enrollment. I am thankful to the other school for recommending Oxygen. I see using them for many years to come.

Aubrey Angus

Sound Sleep Medical LLC

I have worked with Tracey and her Oxygen team for over 5 years now. She has helped grow my business tremendously. Besides the traditional radio and TV buys, her PR department has been a great advantage for us to set us apart from other oral appliance companies. They have made us the “experts in our field” and the go-to company when someone has sleep apnea. They know what they are doing and constantly recommend programs that make sense for us, and it has lifted our company to new levels. They make my life so much easier. I can not imagine running a business without them.

Cher Struck

Lifetree Clinical Research

We have worked with Oxygen Marketing for over six years now. Before we started to use them, we had another agency working on our behalf. We didn’t know what was actually working and how much it was costing us per patient. After hiring Oxygen, within no time at all, we were able to save money and know how much it was to recruit a patient for every study. Oxygen was able to look at our protocols and tell us what kind of dollars we would need to recruit for each study. The Oxygen staff knows about rapid enrollment, so I felt much less anxiety on knowing that we would fill each study. Oxygen is the best in the business, and I feel that they spend my money like they would their own.

Dr. James Ferguson

Radiant Research

I met Tracey many decades ago and started to use her and her advertising agency. I was a small company, with five people that worked for me at that time. Within a few years, I ended up with many other sites in different parts of the country. We specialized in mental illness, so our studies were not always easy to recruit for. After we hired Tracey, we felt like every dollar was spent well.  Tracey and her staff understand protocols and rapid enrollment. They speak our language. Many years later, I sold my company to a much bigger company. That company had bought other clinical trial companies besides mine, and they faced having five other agencies work on advertising in different markets. As time went by, the success we were having had to be attributed in part by what we were doing in marketing. Within a few months, Tracey picked up 12 markets and all the other advertising for the new company. Tracey isn’t afraid of coming up with innovative ways to bring study subjects in quickly.  As a result, we filled 98 percent of our studies well before the time allotted, so we were able to get even more studies, which in turn made the company more profitable.